Dr Elaiya Iswera Lallan

Dr Elaiya Iswera Lallan (a.k.a Dr Lallan) has been in the IT industry for the past 20 years. As an industry-based consultant, he has undertaken many flavours of training subjects under the IT sector. One of his flagship subject is the Python Programming. He was involved in projects such as QGIS that involves Python customisation. His technical knowledge and ability to conduct training based on his real life working experiences has certainly left a big impact in the hearts of his students. His book "Learn Python Programming The Fun and Easy Way" achieved Top 10 Recommended Book Year 2018 at Softonic.com

Some of his notable achievements:

- Malaysia Book of Records holder - First E-Book titled Living With Linux in the industrial World published in Omnilexica Encyclopedia (Crontab)

- NOSS Panel Malaysian Skills Certification- CIAST

- Certified Industry Expert- CIAST

- Certification in PHP and MySQL Developer (MyHelpful Academy) - year 2018

- Certification in Certification in Cyber Security _Ethical Hacking (MyHelpful Academy) - year 2017

- Certification in Python Programming (MyHelpful Academy) - year 2017

- Other books written:

- "Ethical Hacking and Computer Securities For Beginners" - ITunes Top 100 Best Seller Book Year 2016

- "Living with Linux in the Industrial World" - Listed at Online Encyclopedia known as Omnilexica.com

- "Android Tips for Parental Control" - Listed at BookTopia.com.au The No 1 Australian BookStore

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